ISSN 2303-9949

Founder - Kazakhstan Association of Reproductive Medicine

The founder of the scientific and practical journal “Reproductive Medicine” is the Kazakhstan Association of Reproductive Medicine (CARM) – a non-profit, non-profit organization whose purpose is to unite specialists in the field of reproductology, disseminate medical knowledge, implement international standards of medicine quality, provide information support to both specialists and patients. In its ranks, the association brought together specialists involved in human reproduction: obstetrician-gynecologists, reproductologists, embryologists.

For many years now, the journal has published the work of leading clinical experts, scientists, and medical organizers from the Republic of Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Israel, the United States, and other countries.

The frequency of publication is 4 times a year. The circulation of the publication is 500 copies. Since 2013, the journal has been placed in the Kazakhstan Unified Electronic Library, and since 2015 – in the Russian Unified Electronic Library.

The editorial policy of the journal Reproductive Medicine is formed by two structures: the editorial board of the journal and the editorial board. Publisher of Reproductive Medicine journal – MedMedia Kazakhstan LLPResponsible Editor Victoria Fertenko

Advertising Manager Aidana Moldakhanova